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Cozy Amazon Finds

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No matter the size or shape of your interior, something I always strive for in my designs is making a cozy, live-able space. A room that makes you want to cuddle up and stay awhile with the use of layering and textures. Here are a few of our favorite Amazon finds that will take your space to the ultimate coziness!

1. Neutral Landscape Painting

Artwork is an amazing way to add more color and depth into a space. I know a big blank wall can seem intimating at first, but filling it with a beautiful framed artwork can instantly transform a space! We are loving the neutral tones of this landscape, find it HERE.

2. Wood Tray

A great way to add a cozy feel to a space is to add natural elements, we love adding wood elements! A wood tray is a perfect way to bring together an area and make it feel more complete and not random. This tray is a great buy for a great price, find it HERE.

3. Throw Blanket

You can't think "cozy" and not think of a big cuddly blanket! This sherpa lined knit is the perfect addition to a chair or couch, adding texture and warmth to any space. Also available in multiple colors, find it HERE !

4. Dimmable Floor Lamp

Another simple way to add warmth into a space is adding lamps. A floor lamp is a great way to add functionality to design and pull a space together. We love that this lamp is dimmable, giving you control of the feel of your space, find it HERE .

5. Coffee Table Books

Another great way to give your space a home-y feel along with adding personalization is coffee table books. Stacks of books gives a "lived in" feel and invites people into your space. We recommend finding books that interest you so they become a conversation piece, but here are some of our favorite books below!

6. Vases

Vases are an easy way to bring in texture and utility into your space. Finding a simple vase, but one with enough character is a great way to complete a room. One of our favorite Amazon finds for vases was this beautiful set, find it HERE . We also love adding some more natural elements of a dried bouquet or pampas grass !

7. Candlesticks

We love the modern look of these candlesticks, find them HERE . Need candles to go with them? THESE ivory ones are one of our favorite finds or if you are looking for flame-less battery powered candles, THESE are a great option!

8. Rugs

Rugs are an amazing way to add warmth and texture into your space. In addition to being functional, rugs can really transform a space and tie your design together. We love the functionality and colors of this Ruggable Rug, find it HERE .

9. Woven Baskets

Baskets are another great way to add coziness and functionality into your space. These woven baskets add a natural texture and dimension while doubling as a great storage system! We love this set, find it HERE .

10. Soft Ottoman

Ottomans are the perfect way to add seating to your space while bringing in texture. Choosing an ottoman that compliments your existing furniture, while having a soft exterior will really give a cozy vibe. This woven ottoman is a great find for the price, find it HERE .

No matter your design style, incorporating these "cozy" items will make your space feel inviting and warm, while letting your personality show. Thanks for reading!!

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